Information-Centric Networking

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is the paradigm that is gaining traction as the paradigm for the Internet of tomorrow. This ICN paradigm is going to move the Internet architecture from being node-centric to being data-centric/name-centric. In our group we are investigating several aspects that are essential for this successful transition of the Internet.

  • Secure Content Delivery in the Information-Centric Internet
  • Investigating Caching as a core-component of the architecture
  • Addressing concerns with naming the data and the corresponding privacy implications


We are also exploring the use of the information-centric networking paradigm in other domains, such as mobile ad hoc networks, smartphone communication, and also in the smart grid.


Named Data Networking

Named Data Networking(NDN) is an entirely new architecture, but one whose design principles are derived from the successes of today’s Internet, reflecting our understanding of the strengths and limitations of the current Internet architecture, and one that can be rolled out through incremental deployment over the current operational Internet.

Although NDN represents a brand new architecture proposal, its hourglass shape makes it compatible with today’s Internet and leads to a clear, simple evolutionary strategy. Like IP, NDN is a “universal overlay”: NDN can run over anything, including IP, and anything can run over NDN, including IP. IP infrastructure services that have taken decades to evolve, such as DNS naming conventions and namespace administration or inter-domain routing policies and conventions, can be readily used by NDN. Indeed, because NDN’s hierarchically structured names are semantically compatible with IP’s hierarchically structured addresses, the core IP routing protocols, BGP, IS-IS and OSPF, can be used as-is to deploy NDN in parallel with and over IP. Thus NDN’s advantages in content distribution, application-friendly communication, robust security, and mobility support can be realized incrementally and relatively painlessly. [1]