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“Meet The Team”



Satyajayant Misra

Associate Professor

Jay Misra is an associate professor in computer science at New Mexico State University (NMSU). He received his Ph. D. in computer science from Arizona State University, in 2009 and his integrated M.Sc. (Tech.) information systems and M.Sc. (Hons.) physics degrees from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, in 2003. His research interests include algorithm and protocol design and development for anonymity, security, and survivability in networks, namely the future Internet, in supercomputing, and IoT/CPS architectures. He has over 50 peer-reviewed publications in several prestigious venues. He served on the editorial board of the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials and is currently an editorial board member of the IEEE Wireless Communication Magazine (feature editor).


Reza Tourani

Research Assistant

He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from IAUT, Tehran, Iran, in 2008, and M.S. in Computer Science from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, USA, in 2012. From 2013, he started his Ph.D. at New Mexico State University. His research interests include smart grid communication architecture and protocol, wireless protocols design and optimization, future Internet architecture, and privacy and security in wireless networks.


Gaurav Panwar

Research Assistant

He completed his B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, AP, India in 2013, and his M.S. in computer science at New Mexico State University in 2017. He is a Ph.D. student in computer science at New Mexico State University. His research is in wireless sensor networks, security, information-centric networking and smart grid technologies.


Strahinja Trecakov

Research Assistant


Dan Ameme

Research Assistant


Andres Cuevas

Research Assistant


Ray Stubbs

Research Assistant



Joanna Anjali

Research Assistant


Travis Machacek

Research Assistant


Abu-Saleh Tayeen

Research Assistant


Ramin Zahedi Darshoori

Research Assistant


Saleem Masadeh

Research Assistant


Abderrahmen Mtibaa