Networks and Systems Optimization Laboratory

A team of NMSU students dedicated to solve challenging problems in Computer Networks area.

Cutting Edge Researches

Our lab focuses on four separate branches of Computer Networks: Long term monitoring and visualization using Wireless Sensor Networks (CREATIV), Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor and Ad hoc Networks, High Performance Computing, Information Centric Networking.

Customizable/extensible Wireless Sensor framework for long term monitoring and visualization of the electric organ discharges (EOD) of a weakly electric fish (Sternopygus macrurus).
Wireless Sensor and Ad hoc Networks that are able to harvest energy from the environment to prolong the network lifetime.
"High-performance computing" redirects here. For narrower definitions of HPC, see high-throughput computing and many-task computing. For other uses, see Supercomputer (disambiguation).
A novel secure content delivery framework, for an Information-Centric Network, which shall enable content providers (e.g., Netflix and Youtube) to securely disseminate their content to legitimate users via Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).